Hi, we are Ambitious IT-community with local empowerment and global thinking

Our members are qualified IT-engineers, software developers, designers, CEOs and CTOs of IT-companies. We are a social and educational non-profit project, all our events are free and we publish all materials at public (СС).

Our mission is creating an environment for people who want to find new ideas, abilities to grow, new contacts or just find a profession.

Every month we hold Meetup. Themes are very different - frontend, backend, open-source, functional programming, etc. Top-level speakers and influences in their areas speak at our meetups. As an example:

  • Andrey Sitnik - creator of PostCSS and Autoprefixer.
  • Vadim Makeev - Web Standards @webstandards_ru community leader, Google Developer Expert.
  • Vitaly Bragilevsky - JetBrains Research team member, Author of Haskell in Depth.

Also we try other formats:

  • ITD - English-speaking club
  • Inspire - learning program for beginner speakers

We have partners that financial support us and share our values. Already joined:

  • JetRockets
  • Accenture
  • PrimeGroup
  • Hoodies


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  • Email:
  • Social networks:

Interested? Get started now.

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